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Sound too easy to be true?

Home Buying Company in Spokane, WA

Get an instant cash offer to sell your home fast

It does not matter whether your property is vacant or occupied by tenants. We buy homes with instant cash at hand. No repairs are required in the home selling process. We also provide a flexible closing date for the deal.


At, our cash house buyers will provide satisfactory service and make it easy for you to sell your house within a matter of days.

A Reliable Home Buying Company You Can Count On

We are your local home buyer who provides the easiest way to sell your house, no realtors, no Inspections, no repairs, no hidden fees, and zero hassle.


Avoid the headaches of selling your house the traditional way and just sell your home directly to us, your local home buyer, for cash in as-is condition.

Two-step home buying process

You are just two steps away from buying your dream home and getting rid of the old one.

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We Buy Properties In Any Condition In Washington And Idaho.

How quickly and easily can you sell your house for fast cash? 

No time to list on the market

Instead of listing on the MLS and having to wait four months for a traditional buyer’s financing to go through, we were able to put cash in their pocket in less than three weeks.

You can sell your house to us for cash and you won't have to wait for the traditional closing process, which means you will be able to move into your next home or liquidate your property within a matter of days.

Full remodel

Owners saved over $70,000 in renovating costs and were able to get cash for their house in two weeks. You can use the saved renovation cost to renovate your new house and get rid of the old ones at the best market price in Spokane.

As is sale 

The owner saved over $80,000 in repairs. The property was purchased for cash without any cleanout or any repairs at all. You can sell your house to us in as-is condition.

Landlord sells with tenants in place 

By selling his house to us, the owner who was unable to maximize the property due to COVID restrictions was able to get cash for the property in two weeks without dealing with the tenants at all.


We Love To Hear What People Say About Working With Us!

“Ali was the first person I spoke with who helped find a solution to my situation that worked for me. She listened to what I needed even though it was complicated. In the end, I am not sure how else I could have moved forward with the sale. Choosing Spokane home buyers for my own home is one of the best decisions I have taken in my life.’’


“Selling my house was easier than selling my car- They didn’t ask for multiple showings, they didn’t ask for an inspection, they even sent me a mobile notary because I couldn’t come to them for signing, and I got funds within 24 hours. As simple as they said it would be. Also, I never thought that these local home buyers could provide such a competitive cash offer without any home inspection.’’


“Cody was a doll to work with. He was kind, patient, and explained everything as many times as I needed him to so that I understood the first-time home selling process. Even though I was going through an emotional time, he made selling the family house the best that it could have been in the given situation. Spokane home buyers have not only given me the best house deal but also rescued me from my dreadful financial situations.’’


“Spokane home buyers have made the home selling process simple as it can be. These guys are the ‘easy button’ of real estate. I had multiple rental properties that were giving me trouble with tenants and they bought them anyway, tenants in place, in as-is condition. I know I could have taken a year and gotten the properties vacant, fixed them up myself, and sold them for top dollar, but I am a busy person and I wanted cash and a quicker solution. I know who I’ll send my buddies to when they have properties they want to unload.”

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After realizing that there is a need for renovated homes around Spokane, the HomeFront dream began with two local siblings, Cody and Ali.


Local home buyers Cody and Ali enjoy helping sellers in difficult situations while also providing relief to Spokane’s housing shortage. To perfect their business, two other business partners, Jeff and Gavin, were brought in to round out the team.


Our Spokane home buyers are all born & raised in the Spokane area giving our team an unmatched passion for serving the area and community.


We understand why people are skeptical of ‘cash buyers’, but we have made a vow to be an example in our community of how to serve people first. We ensure that every transaction is simple, professional, and helpful for all parties.


Together we can improve Spokane one property at a time!! Call us today, and let’s talk about your situation.



Tell us about your property or situation. Submit the form or just give us a call!



You can meet us at the property or just send us pictures of the interior and exterior of the house. And we will provide you with an instant, cash offer for your home without any home inspection!



After we both agree on the home selling process and the cash offer, we submit our agreement to local professional closing agents, set a closing date (also that date could be flexible as per your requirement), and then you get cash in hand!

Submit your property details and our team will find the best offer to fit your needs.

Thanks for submitting!

Why sell your home the old-fashioned way when you can get a fair cash offer on your house the same day? We are specialists in offering cash for houses in as-is condition. Our process is safe, easy, and respectful of both you and your property.

Sounds too easy to be true?

Our two-step home selling process is the easiest way to sell your house for cash.